Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

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The granddaddy of all RPGs, Dungeons & Dragons was the creation of Garry Gygax and Dave Arneson. In the early 1970s, Gygax and Arneson collaborated on what would later become D&D, incorporating elements of Gygax’s medieval wargaming concept, The Great Kingdom, and Arneson’s Blackmoor, a fantasy game situated in The Great Kingdom and featuring — wait for it — dungeons and monsters.

The initial production of D&D was as a boxed set of three booklets: Men & Magic (available as a PDF here); Monsters & Treasures (PDF here); and Underworld & Wilderness (PDF here). This first print quickly sold out; so did the second, third, and fourth. The three core rulebooks — the Monster Manual, the Player’s Handbook, and finally the Dungeon Master’s Guide —  were printed a few years later, and have remained in print ever since.

D&D has gone through many rule changes over the years, some of which have been less well-received than others by players. The current version, 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, was published in 2014 and has been welcomed by veterans and new players alike. The clarity of its rules and the excitement created by the current campaign, Tyranny of Dragons, have introduced a whole new generation to the excitement of this most venerable RPG.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Starter Set

Everything you need to start playing the world’s greatest roleplaying …

Player's Handbook

Everything the new player needs to know.

The Player’s Handbook …

Monster Manual

If you meet a monster on your adventure — what am I saying?

Dungeon Master's Guide

If you’ve always harboured a hankering to boss your friends …

Dungeon Master’s Screen

Manage your campaign with this indispensable Dungeon Master …

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