Munchkin Quest 2 - Looking for Trouble 

munchkin quest 2 game box art front

Trouble Is Good!

Trouble means gold. Trouble means leveling up. And with Munchkin Quest 2 – Looking for Trouble, you can find trouble with up to six players. More help against the monsters! More friends to backstab! More competition for the loot! Whoops, forget we said that last bit.

And now the dungeon has Traps. Axes and arrows, flames and falling rocks . . . Maybe you can dodge. Maybe you can push your buddy in front of you.

Explore 18 new rooms . . . the Tomb Room! The Doom Room! The Chamber of Horrors! If you survive, spend your gold at Ye Swankie Donjon Shoppe . . . or Ye Cheape Donjon Shoppe, if you're not picky. Shake off those pesky monsters in the Sun Room, and get healed at the Temple of Generic Niceness.

And new monsters! Flee the stomping power of Bigfoot! Fear the tiny terror that is the Fright Sprite! Fight the sticky menace of the Gummi Golem! Plus more weapons, scrolls, and potions to equip your character, new curses to inflict on your fellow munchkins, and a new kind of passageway that lets you grab gold between rooms.

Munchkin Quest 2 – Looking for Trouble was designed by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic, the troublemakers that brought you Munchkin and Munchkin Quest. Requires Munchkin Quest base game.

  • 100 Cards – Card List
  • 12 Health Tokens
  • 17 Gold Pieces
  • 12 Dropped Item Tokens
  • 10 Move Tokens
  • 3 Search Result Tokens
  • 2 Level Counters
  • 2 Munchkins
  • 6 Monster Bases
  • 9 Room Tiles
  • 27 Links
  • 13 Monster Standies
  • 4 6-Sided dice, two for each player
  • 1 rule sheet

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