Munchkin 3 - Clerical Errors

munchkin 3 clerical errors game box art front

Another 112 cards for the best-selling game of killing monsters and taking their stuff. Play a new race: Gnomes! Try on the Bard class. Face the Tequila Mockingbird, the Bad Ass, and the dreaded Auntie Paladin! Equip yourself with amazing items like the Chainmail Bikini and the Stab-A-Matic . . . and show them who's the mightiest, munchkinest dungeon delver of them all.

And this set has a special treat. We asked five of our favorite Comic Guys to do one card each. So in this set you'll find:

Remember: this is an expansion, so you'll need a copy of the original Munchkin in order to play.

  • 3 to 6 players
  • 10 and up
  • 90 minutes

© Karin Belanger 2018