Long ago and far away, in the fertile imagination of a man named Steve Jackson, was bornthe idea for a game that would replicate the experience of a dungeon-crawling role-playing-game — like Dungeons & Dragons, say — but using cards instead of paper and pencil. And with added silliness. And puns. Lots and lots of puns.

To this end, Steve Jackson enlisted the help of John Kovalic, an artist and editorial cartoonist, who created unforgettable illustrations for the original game (and its sequels, spin-offs, and merchandise). And so, history was made.

The basic premise of Munchkin is simple: players are adventurers making their way through a dungeon “composed” entirely of cards drawn during the course of the game. On his turn, the player first “kicks down the door” by drawing a door card; if the card reveals a monster, then the player fights it. If not, he can either “loot the room” by drawing another Door card and placing it  into his hand (don’t show it to anyone else) or — if he has a monster card in his hand — he can fight that monster and steal its stuff. Assuming he wins. 

Simple! The cards are all pretty much self-explanatory. First player to reach level 10 wins!

And did we mention the backstabbing? 

Here’s a link to a Munchkin demo from the nice folks at Steve Jackson Games. 

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