Ghost Blitz 2


Like the original Ghost Blitz, Ghost Blitz 2 is an action/dexterity game in which players race to deduce the right object to call out (or grab) from the clues given on the card.

Five new items sit on the table waiting to be caught: a white female ghost, a green frog, a grey bathtub, a blue hairbrush, and a red bath towel. Each card in the deck shows pictures of two objects, with one or both objects colored the wrong way. With all players playing at the same time, someone reveals a card, then players grab for the "right" object – but which object is right?

  • If one object is colored correctly, then players need to grab that correctly colored object.
  • If both objects are colored incorrectly, then you look for the object and color not represented among the four details shown.
  • Ghost Blitz 2 also includes the following new rules:
    - If the frog appears, you have to call out the item.
    - If the frog or the other item is in its original colour, you have to call out the correct item in a foreign language.
    - If the towel appears on a card, the item of the towel`s colour is the one to grab for.

Lightning-fast and lots of fun! May be played together with original Ghost Blitz for extra mayhem.

  • ages 8 and up (younger children may enjoy it as well)
  • 2 to 8 players
  • 15 to 20 minutes

© Karin Belanger 2018