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Catan Base Game 5th Edition Box

Catan, formerly The Settlers of Catan, was published in 1995 and won the Spiel des Jahres in that year. It is generally agreed that Catan helped to create the so-called Euro-boardgaming phenomenon, introducing generations of North American players to a wholly-different type of strategy game.

Catan’s board is composed of hexagonal tiles (commonly referred to as hexes) and separate number discs that represent the dice roll combinations. The hexes are usually shuffled and dealt out randomly into rows of three-four-five-four-three, then surrounded by a frame of water tiles. The dice roll discs are placed randomly onto the hexes. The board is thus randomized as the start of every game.

The game depends both upon skill and luck. Even very good players may find themselves defeated by a beginner’s lucky dice rolls, or by improbable combinations being rolled time after time. Catan also requires that players make decisions on every turn about how to proceed, and the path to victory is rarely clear — or easy.

Catan is expandable both in terms of theme and of number of players. The original game is playable by three or four players; in order to play with five or six, you must add the 5/6 Expansion. A themed expansion, such as Cities & Knights, may be added to the base game, but if you wanted to play with five or six players you would have to own the base game, the 5/6 expansion, the theme expansion, and the 5/6 expansion to the base game. 

Catan was designed by Klaus Teuber, and is published in North America by Mayfair Games.

Note: the Catan series is currently being reprinted as 5th Edition, with new box art and size. The components are the same, and will be backwards-compatible with 4th Edition products. We will therefore have a mix of 4th and 5th Edition Catan items until all are released in 5th Edition form.

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