Bang! Games


A highly-entertaining party game for four to seven players (more is better). BANG! is a shootout game, in Spaghetti Western style, between a group of Outlaws and the Sheriff, who is their primary target. The Deputies incognitos help the Sheriff, but there is also a Renegade pursuing his own goal!

In BANG! each player plays one of these roles, and represents a famous Wild West inspired character. 

  • Sheriff: must eliminate all the Outlaws and the Renegade, to protect law and order. 
  • Outlaws: they would like to kill the Sheriff, but they have no scruples about eliminating each other to gain rewards! 
  • Deputies: they help and protect the Sheriff, and share his same goal, at all costs! 
  • Renegade: he wants to be the new Sheriff; his goal is to be the last character in play

Here is a link to the rules for the basic game from the publisher’s website (will open in a new window).

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