Agricola Games


Imagine that you are a farmer living in the Middle Ages. You have a spouse, and a wooden shack, and some undeveloped fields. Nothing else. 

Over the next few turns, you need to acquire technologies, abilities, livestock, crops, improve your fields, and upgrade your dwelling. Maybe produce a few children (they can work on the farm, right?) Oh — and you have to make sure that there’s enough food to feed yourselves during the periodic harvests, or you “starve”. And you have to do all this in fourteen turns, total.

I guess there’s never enough time to get everything done on a farm.

Agricola is a fascinating game. There are many possibilities, only a very few of which you will be able to try in any given game, so that the game remains fresh play after play. Games take, on average, about 30 minutes per player (more if you’re just starting out and need to refer to the densely-printed instruction booklet).

The other games under the Agricola umbrella include a two-player variant, All Creatures Big and Small, in which you give up growing crops in favour of animal husbandry; Farmers of the Moor, which adds horses to the livestock mix and heating your house to your must-do list; and a series of additional card decks that offer new Occupations and Improvements.

Agricola, designed by the prolific Uwe Rosenberg, can also be played as a solitaire game.

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