7 Wonders 

7 Wonders box front

Each player builds a city based upon one of seven historical wonders sites, chosen randomly at the start of the game.  Each site confers different advantages and encourages particular strategies, although the advantages are mutually balanced among the sites.  The game is played in three rounds of six turns, so game play is tight and there is little time to fix errors.

In each round, the cards–representing resources, structures, and opportunity cards–are dealt evenly between the players.  On each turn, players select one card from their hands to play, and the balance of the hand is passed to the player on the left or right (direction alternates between rounds).  This game mechanism is known as “card drafting”, and is used in many strategy games. It means that you have to keep an eye on what your neighbour is doing, since you’ll be passing your unused cards on to him or her at the end of the turn (and you don’t want to give him anything remotely useful if you can help it!)

Playable right out of the box with as few as 2 (there are some special rules that apply in that situation) and as many as 7 players. 

  • 2 to 7 players
  • Multiple award winner, including Spiel des Jahres 2011
  • Average game duration 30 minutes
  • Ages 13

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