PPTQ Rivals of Ixalan!


On Sunday 27 August 2017, we’ll be hosting our first Magic: The Gathering Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier here at the store. PPTQs provide the winner with  an entry ticket to a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier; in this case, it will be for RPTQ: Rivals of Ixalan. Here’s a link to the event on the store Facebook page, listing all the details.

PPTQs are serious tournaments held at the competitive rules enforcement level; each player must have a formal deck list (we’ll have some blank forms if you forget to bring one with you) for his or her 60-card deck and 15-card sideboard. This is a Modern event, so decks must be Modern-legal. Play will be overseen by a DCI-certified judge (Michael Roesler) and stricter rules of play will be enforced than would normally be found at a Friday Night Magic or other casual tournament.

The tournament will use Swiss pairing, and will cut to the top eight players for playoffs. Due to space limitations, we are setting a soft cap of 32 for registrations.

There is an entry fee of $30, all of which will go to the prize pool. The payout will be as follows: 

1st place: RPTQ ticket plus 30% of the prize pool

2nd place: 20% of prize pool

3rd & 4th place: 15% of prize pool

5th through 8th place: 5% of prize pool.

Since the PPTQ will be held on a Sunday, there will be plenty of free parking either on the street or in the Riverside Parking Lot behind the store. Unfortunately — since it’s a Sunday — most area restaurants will not be open for lunch, so we recommend that players bring along something to eat. Chocolate bars, chips, soft drinks, and water will be available to purchase in the store.

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