Magic: The Gathering Singles!


You can now buy, sell, and trade your Magic singles here at Scalliwag Toys.

Scalliwag Toys is now buying and selling Magic: The Gathering (singles, unopened packs, or whole collections). We also trade for Magic singles. 

Our needs change day to day, so bring your cards in today and we will have a look.  There are still lots of cards we are looking for (we’re working on developing a buylist).  We also always have someone on staff who can look through your cards and do trades.

If you would like to sell your cards for cash, we would also be happy to help you with that! To sell your cards, please call us first (613-968-6500) to ensure that a buyer will be available.

Remember, you only need to call ahead if you would like to sell for cash. If you want to trade for other Magic singles, then you can come in at any time, on any day!

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